About Lara Threads

Lara Threads is a one-woman home decor and accessories boutique that focuses on showcasing the gorgeous designs of African wax fabric (called ankara in West Africa).


Why? Lara Threads came into being partly as a result of a frustrating experience. I was looking to add some pizazz to my admittedly neutral living room in a way that was unique and meaningful to me, and without much fuss. I spent hours, days, and weeks browsing home goods stores and scrolling through websites for throw pillows that were bold, different, and well-made. When I did not find options that I loved, I got the idea to make decorative throw pillow covers from some ankara that I already had because the designs are vibrant, versatile, and distinctive, and because ankara just reminds me of home—exactly what I had been searching for.


If you, too, are searching for decor that you can connect with and that will have your space looking effortlessly curated, looking to add eye-catching colors in small, easily changeable packages, or looking go beyond neutral, neutral, and more neutral, and you value uniqueness and high quality, then you're in the right place.


Who? Hi, I’m Oyinda. I started sewing in high school in Nigeria when I had to take an Home Economics course and had a choice among Food & Nutrition, Home Management, and Clothing & Textiles. I chose Clothing & Textiles and I did very well in the class (taking top honors!). I have been sewing on and off since high school, apprenticing with experienced tailors in Nigeria, and continuing to hone my skills by taking in-person sewing classes in Boston. In short, the desire to create and perfect never left me.


What else? Because I also believe that buying better and minimizing waste are small yet powerful ways to practice sustainability, after cutting for throw pillow covers, I use the precious ankara fabric pieces to create beautiful and functional lifestyle accessories—zipper pouches & lanyards—all with careful attention to detail that you will appreciate if you like nice things thoughtfully and beautifully made. I go even further by using only eco-friendly, sustainable packaging to protect, present, and ship everything I sell. We have only one planet, y'all!


No mass production here; I make and package every item with care and send it off to you with love. Furthermore, every pillow cover is made just for you and every accessory is deliberately crafted. If you see something you like, buy it right away because I source small quantities of each fabric, which means when it’s gone, it’s gone.


If you’re ready to end your search and create a stunning interior space, or if you’re looking to give yourself or a loved one a small gift that is high-quality, functional, and different, check out my shop. Join me on IG for insider updates and mix-and-match inspiration.


Thank you for stopping by, and now...


Let’s brighten up those rooms together! 


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