Diamonds and Rose Window African print throw pillow covers on neutral sofa

Why Lara Threads?

If you are wondering why you should choose a Lara Threads African print ankara pillow cover or accessory, you've come to the right place. The short answer is that I strive to Buy Better when I can, even for the simplest of items, and I want to offer you the opportunity to do the same. By choosing Lara Threads, you can be sure that you are, indeed, buying better.

Diamond symbol to show durability of Lara Threads products

Products Made to Last

African wax ankara fabric is typically 100% cotton and is most often used to make clothing because the fabric is soft and breathable. While the fabric is strong and durable and can last a very long time, some items that are handled daily should ideally be made from fabric (or other materials) that can withstand heavy handling. All Lara Threads accessories are interfaced to add durability to the ankara fabric and to add som structure to the item. I am also delighted to offer an option to add a cotton lining to pillow covers to bring the fabric to decor weight for use in circumstances that demand it, like a reception area. All of these measures ensure that your purchase lasts as long as you want. 

Ribbon showing the high quality of Lara Threads decorative pillows and organizer pouches

High-Quality Fabric & Notions

From the Oeko-Tex certified 100% cotton fabric used to make the organizer pouches and napkins to the solid brass D-rings to the smooth opening zippers that allow you to remove and switch covers if you wish, you can be sure that the parts incorporated into the products you buy from Lara Threads are carefully selected and top quality.  

Snowflake showing uniqueness of Lara Threads products

Uncommon Designs

Some ankara designs are ubiquitous and seem to dominate the large marketplaces that offer products made from ankara fabric. While some of those prints are indeed eye-catching, their omnipresence in these markets, hence everywhere else, detracts from one of the key qualities that makes ankara so beloved in Africa—variety. When I source fabric for Lara Threads, sometimes directly from Nigeria, I choose prints that stand out from the pack to create products that are anything but ordinary. 

Pink scissors to show Lara Threads products are handcrafted

Handmade in Boston, USA

I cut and sew every item with careful attention-to-detail. The pillow covers have inside seams that are neatly finished to prevent unraveling and tapered corners so that there are no dog-eared floppy corners after the insert is placed. The organizer pouches are doubly interfaced for structure and durability. The organizers are precisely sewn so that the corners are nicely squared and the zippers open to full width. Furthermore, every organizer is designed with an inner fabric lining in a color that is sometimes unexpected but always delightful.

Nigerian flag

Artisan Is From Nigeria

I am from Nigeria and I appreciate the nuanced history of ankara as well as the special place that ankara material and designs hold in Yoruba culture. I am sharing this fondness with anyone from any culture who also appreciates and wants to showcase the gorgeous designs and versatility of the fabric.

Hand holding planet showing showing sustainability ethos of Lara Threads

Nothing Goes to Waste

Sustainability practices are incorporated into the fabric of Lara Threads. To minimize waste, all accessories are crafted from fabric that is too small to make pillow covers. All items are shipped in minimal, eco-friendly packaging—tags are printed on recycled paper, hemp twine is used to attach the tags to the products, and all outer shipping products are made from recycled, reuseable plastic. And, of course, Buying Better means less trash.