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Decorate for the Seasons With Throw Pillows

Do you ever wish you could quickly refresh your space every few months without wholesale remodeling?

If you answered, "Yes" or even "Maybe," may I suggest just changing your decorative pillow covers?

Throw pillows are small footprint home decor accessories that are rich in color and will add a finishing touch or a new personality to any space without too much effort.

Why Throw Pillows are Excellent for Seasonal Decor

  1. Zero commitment. If you don't like it, you can change it in minutes.

  2. Easy to maintain and store. Wash when needed, then fold and put away for next year.

  3. Reusable. Reintroduce the same throw pillow covers for next fall/winter/summer/spring and you'll feel like you're getting a FREE remodel of your space!

  4. Affordable. Compared to remodeling, repainting, or buying new furniture, changing throw pillows costs much less in money and effort.

  5. Inviting. Seasonal throw pillows will not overwhelm your space with color especially if your room decor leans more towards neutral. Seasonal decorative pillow will enhance the ambiance without being overpowering the space.

Seasonal decorating forces us to slow down and welcome the changing of the seasons. For me, it evokes a sense of anticipation and gratitude. And if I can get that without too much fuss, like just changing my decorative pillow covers, then I'm all for it.

Without further ado, here are some ideas for African print decorative pillow covers that will help you achieve a cozy, seasonal look all year round.

Winter/Holiday Pillow Covers

Spring Pillow Covers

Summer Pillow Covers

Fall Pillow Covers


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