Here's a Perfect Gift for the Person Who Does Not Need Anything

We've all been there. You would like to get someone a gift but you really don't know what the person wants, needs, or likes. Or perhaps, you do know what they like and you would like to give them a great gift that will appreciate. How about letting science help?

Research studies have shown that people appreciate gifts that they can use more than a gift that looks nice or is expensive and that people felt closer to the gift-giver when the gift is practical than when it is symbolic.

On one hand, this is great news for the gift-giver’s bank account and for strengthening interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, the onus is now on the giver to be thoughtful and to choose something practical that the recipient can and will actually use. Let’s face it, not all things that can be used are actually useful.

Of course, there’s some value to giving gifts that are not purely utilitarian, especially if you know the person wants the item or experience, so this is not a blanket useful vs. not-useful question. Still, let’s go with science.

Without any reference to price, a few of the gifts I’ve received that I can instantly say I appreciate every time I use them—gifts that have kept on giving—are:

  1. A toaster that a dear friend gave me as a housewarming gift. That toaster reliably delivers toasted bread and bagels just as you requested. No surprises. A bonus is that it looks nice on the counter.

  2. A pen that a colleague gave me when my last promotion was announced. I have lots of pens but this pen is the one I use when I want to compose nicely or feel like I'm writing with gravitas.

  3. A skillet that a family member gave me for my birthday. All I will say is that it’s a beautiful cast-iron skillet that heats evenly and is very easy to clean. Praise!

I’m sure we can all name a gift we’ve received that we still really appreciate long after we received it.

A beautiful African print organizer makes a great gift

If you’re looking for such a gift today, an African print essentials organizer may be just the perfect gift. The gift-giving/gift-receiving quotient on this organizer is high. It's beautiful, high-quality, unique, and usable. Even someone who "has everything" could use something like this one. If they have stuff—and who doesn't?—they will find a use for this organizer.

An organizer pouch is an incredibly versatile gift

For home, work, or on-the-go, a lovely pouch like this can be used to hold pens, pencils, first aid supplies, medications, cough drops, hygiene products, lip balm, mints, hand moisturizer, makeup, jewelry, hobby supplies, and a host of small items that need to be corralled in something nicer and more durable than a plastic bag.

For the gym, a zipper pouch can hold small items like hair ties, earplugs, earphones, membership pass, and keys.

For people who switch handbags, an organizer like this would make it easier to transfer small essentials from one bag to another.

The best part is that the organizers are washable, will not take up a lot of room in their home, and doesn't require sizing.

These African print organizer zipper pouches are made with sustainability in mind and, to minimize waste, the packaging can even become a useful part of the pouch!


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